Visit Metsovoin the midweek

Everyone dreams of the perfect SS or even better the perfect FSS! What if the perfect FSS is not a FSS but a MTT? or TWT; Not for one but for many reasons.

What we want to say is that the escape to the destination you will choose may be more ideal than you imagined if you choose to visit it any other day of the week and not a weekend.

Imagine how many times you have started for somewhere on Friday afternoon after work and until you leave the city on the highway you have spent two hours of your time stuck in traffic, testing your nerves. Tolls usually wait for you at the toll booths and you arrive at your destination later than you expected.

Of course, the increased traffic has significantly increased the prices of accommodation and the provision of services in restaurants and cafes is inferior when it is hot in the world. It is very possible if not certain that you will not find a table to sit on and you will have to wait for someone standing up to empty at one end.

The same applies if you want to do some leisure activities where you will go as the places will clearly be measured if they still exist.

In all of this, calculate that we are living in a Covid-19 era, so the more of you, the more you risk catching the virus with unpredictable consequences.

All this becomes much easier if you choose instead of the classic SK or PSK to visit your favorite destination Mo-Tue-Wen, ie any other day except WK!

Accommodation prices are much lower so you can save money or extend your stay.

Metsovo από ψηλά drone
φαγητό στο Metsovo

You do not need to book a table in restaurants or anywhere else and the services provided are definitely higher.

And you will spend better and less money and you will avoid the hordes of visitors that flock to the tourist destinations on holidays and weekends. Think about it :)