Excursion to Metsovo

There are many cities that claim the title of the most picturesque settlement in Greece, but this title belongs to Metsovo without any doubt. It is a mountainous city that captures the visitor with its spectacular colours and its unique images.

It is built in 1200 m altitude in an impressive green landscape, exactly on the spot that North and South Pindos are separated. Metsovo will awaken forgotten sensations! Despite the radical growth of tourism in the latest years, the area has not lost its traditional character.

It harmoniously combines the past with the present and it is an ideal shelter not only in winter when you will probably see it in snow and enjoy winter sports, but also in all the seasons of the year.

Being the birthplace of some of the most important National Benefactors, Metsovo could not but be famous for its great cultural development. You will admire its museums, the mansions made of stone, the monasteries, the twenty traditional founts and the cobbled roads, but you may also have the chance to be there in one of the cultural events that are organized in the conference center.

In addition, you will walk around and enjoy your food or coffee in the central square that is surrounded by restaurants and pretty cafes.

Finally, there are several areas around Metsovo, each of which has something special to offer. You can visit Anthochori, which has an open air museum of water-driven movement, Chrisovitsa with Panagia Monastery and its famous potatoes, the villages Anilio and Votonosi, as well as the traditional settlement of Milia on the borders of National forest.

Metsovo από ψηλά drone
χιονοδρομικό κέντρο ανηλίου

To cut a long story short, Metsovo undoubtedly deserves your attention.

It will definitely get into your hearts and give you unforgettable memories and experiences! We recommend it without reservation!!