Hiking Arkoudorema - Valia Kalda

4. Hiking Arkoudorema - Valia Kalda

The road to the starting point of the trail is not so easy. We went with a normal car but at a very low speed as the road is a dirt road and not so good quality.

Arkoudorema is a rushing stream in the heart of the Valia Calda National Park, in one of the wildest and most pristine areas of Greece. The stream is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters at the roots of the folds that create Mount Egg (2,177 m.) From the north and Mavrovouni (2,157 m.) From the south. The name of the stream comes from the translation of the local Vlach toponym "Valea di la Ursa" which means "Bear Valley". Arkoudorema is created by many smaller mountain streams and springs, mainly Salatura, Zesto, Flegga and Mnimata. The stream moves meanderingly in a length of 10 km, from east to west until it flows into the river Aoos at Smixomata, in the Mourgos Forest. It is a very "living" stream, as almost every year and depending on the water it descends, it literally changes the shape of the area. During periods of heavy rainfall, the stream breaks down entire slopes taking with it the roads and the small projects of the forest service.

Pictures from Arkoudorema on the Hiking Valia Kalda - Arkoudorema Ursa Trail